5 Equity Fund Categories That Performed the Highest Returns in 10 Years

Sector and thematic mutual funds dominate the top five categories that have returned 15-20 percent over the past decade.

We are often told that diversified mutual funds are ideal for long-term investments. But the experience of the last 10 years shows that even small sector and thematic funds performed well. Small and mid-cap funds are also among the best in terms of returns.

Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions related to the payment and repatriation processes, as well as the tax implications.

Most Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) are known to be financial savvy. They tend to have a diverse portfolio of investments, both in the country of immigration and in India. Without a doubt, they are aware that insurance plays a fundamental role in safeguarding the physical and economic well-being of the family. But the question you need to ask yourself is: do they need to have insurance in India if they are not here? and How Change of Residence Affects NRI Health and Life Insurance Plans?

Fake Loan Applications, Banking and Real Estate Nexus: The Story of the Rs 100 Million Karuvannur Cooperative Bank Scam 

Yet another scam has shocked hundreds of customers at a Kerala-based cooperative bank. The modus operandi involved taking out loans using ownership documents without the knowledge of the land owners. But there is more than meets the eye.

A cooperative bank scam estimated at Rs 100 million has been discovered in Kerala. The fraud was carried out by compromising properties for new loans without the knowledge of the original owners through an unholy nexus involving bankers, bank clerks and local real estate mafia.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mutual Funds

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mutual Funds
Mutual fund is most reliable than stock market. If you have not knowledge of stock market then you will go throgh with mutual fund. Here you will choose any one mutual fund as you like and invest some amount. But just as there are pros and cons everywhere, mutual funds also have advantages and disadvantages. Before investing in a mutual fund, let us know Advantages and Disadvantages of Mutual Funds.

Advantages of Mutual Funds

It is clear that Mutual Fund gives relatively lower return than Stock, then why someone should go for Mutual Fund? The answer is very simple. If you invest in stock, you have to analyze the volatility, risk involvement, worthiness of the stock and decide your investment. You have to manage your fund. For becoming a good fund analyzer or fund manager you need considerable knowledge and experience. Risk is higher if you are not competent enough in taking investment decision.
Stock Market Basics for Beginners - Lesson No. 1 in Stock Market Classes

Lesson No. 1 in Stock Market Classes - Stock Market Basics for Beginners

Friends, in this stock market classes, today I will teach you how to do fundamental analysis of Stock Market Basics for Beginners. I will show you how I do fundamental analysis and how you can analyze the stock with the help of www.ticker.finology.in. ticker is a new stock analysis tool.
Stock Market Investing Guide for Beginners
Stock Market Investing Guide for Beginners
In this article you will get full information about investing from starting. This is useful information for who want to enter in stock market beginners.

Share Purchase Plans

Most investors today go ecstatic when the company they have been investing in comes out with share purchase plans.
Stock Market For Beginners - How can Beginners Start Investing in Share Market

Question About Stock Market For Beginners is common- How can Beginners Start Investing in Share Market? 

When the 10-year-olds peaked the shares and compared to them, the chartered accountants also peaked the shares. So 10-year-olds peaked more better stocks and earned more money. How did these 10-year-olds know further. I will give tips of Stock Market For Beginners.

It is said that if the base is good then the building becomes good. So today I will strengthen your stock market base so that you can earn so much money that you have a lot of your own building.
What is SENSEX and NIFTY - Share Market for Beginners
Today, the Sensex is down 100 points, tomorrow up 100 points, sometimes the Nifty is down 50 points, someday up, every day these Sensex and Nifty are up and down. So many times you will have a question in your mind that what does this Sensex and Nifty represent? How are they made? Why are they up and down? Why is it the region that is fluent every day? So today I will explain everything about what is SENSEX and NIFTY, why they have daily movement and how you have to interpret them so that you can take the better decisions on the basis of their movement.

How to analyze the stock or company?

how to analyze the stock company
What is Fundamental analysis?

Fundamental analysis is basically done for long term and midterm investment which is also called as delivery based investment or trading.

The main important aim behind is to study and understand the company in which you are planning to invest your hard earned money and get excellent returns.
Generally hard core fundamental analysis is very and is out of the scope of this website, but if you are interested to learn then please contact us and we will provide you appropriate resources to study the same.

Investment Types of Stock Market

investment types of stock market
What is the meaning of Short Term Trading or investing?

Share trading done from one week to couple of months is called short term.

Basically technical analysis is used for short term trading. But as it there is no any fixed criteria for trading some traders even do short term trading based on news, Company’s announcements of quarterly results, news of merger and acquisitions etc