The time to stake in loose shares

2011-12 financial year when the budget will be presented on Monday, then decide based on that day will determine the market moves. The railway budget on Friday came as related stocks declined in the large. Although at the beginning of last week relating to the railway a few possible reasons enormous surge in stocks was seen.

Upcoming budget presented on Monday to market will happen, will happen to investors, will find it in the morning and then know the market moves. However, on Monday also very good day for investment. As can be estimated that the sector could not find anything or any sector in the budget were a few negative reports, then those sectors related to the decline in stocks can be. Yet the market has seen a drastic fall. Especially on Thursday, a decline of 500 points above the market to once again put shaken. This is different that the decline of 150 points on Friday after the market has seen some positive attitude and increased market close.

Fallen stock can get in return
Well the last few months, many sectors are some stocks that have fallen considerably. Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, one of the few companies shares have fallen again. The only ADAG group, not A group of strong companies are caught in the fall. Century Textiles, Bombay Dyeing, Reliance Industries, State Bank as the stocks have come down so that it has invested the time in the next few years can provide substantial returns.

Bigarie move by expensive oil
Financial Services chief executive officer Edlwais Mayank Shah says that in Libya because of growing concern tremendous surge in international crude oil prices came on the Indian stock market has seen the negative impact. Sense of Brent oil barrel reached 119 dollars which is around August 2008. The negative news in the Indian market due to strong selling by foreign investors and that's why the market is showing its impact on the Nifty has come down in 5300. 24 February 3155.90 crore out of the Indian market by foreign investors, and 2011 is the second consecutive month in which foreign investors are out money. In January, he was out the money.

Nifty will remain between 5600 to 5200
On the global front, the People's Bank of China in the bank reserve ratio 50 basis points increase Rikwayarament has clearly indicated that the inflation increase. In 2011 prices of edible oils and other oils, the increase in inflation in emerging markets has become a major concern. I believe the market from 5200 to 5600 between the business will continue.

Inflation concern

Last week, Nomura said in its report that crude oil price of 220 dollars a barrel in the next two years can be. In the next two years, crude oil reaches this level then it simply means that inflation will increase and may also have an impact on the market, but before the global concerns of other countries including Libya, on the eye be retained. CNI Research Chairman adolescent Oastwal says the decline in the market has seen recently, it's not a very big reason, but now the budget is to appear on Monday, eyes will be on the market.

According to him, many investors expected the budget instead of putting the stock bottom Hkat this time are gone, they would be better to invest for the long term. Because the budget has come every year, and it something negative and something positive is home. So based on what investment strategy should not stop. ING Investment Management chief investment officer for Ramanathan says that the market will watch the process of government Shudharikaran government takes steps in this direction, this effect can be seen on Monday. FDI and physical losses as well as the budget will be in a Mahtpwooarn subject, which will focus on the market.

Fertilizer policy reforms will affect
Kotak Securities senior vice-president Shrikant Chauhan says that if there is no negative news Nifty range can reach up to 5050. This support may remain on the 5155. According to them last week in the huge market upheaval is therefore Ahfta also some reasons which caused the market upheaval may Mach. Businesses that they must first work to look at Nifty levels based business and their goal should be to 5550. My guess is that the fertilizer and Infrastructure Stocks can stay in the spotlight this week because the budget can be focused on these.

The possibility of turmoil

Some experts believe that budget, there may be some stability in the market from March but then come the quarter's financial results, may then affect the performance of companies that appear on the market. So something in the market will be the factors, which caused a round of market turmoil will continue Menan.

Experts believe that this time fallen to invest in stocks for long-term can be beneficial. There are many stocks can give good returns in the long term.