10 Ways to make money in stock market

10 Ways to make  money  in stock market
Indian market is now in the midst of uncertainty and the very few people are talking about stocks or investing. Market at the moment do not see a clear direction towards. A few months ago was making a record the way the stock market boom, are now visible to her move to the opposite way. Market will change for the better when his move to say about it is of course difficult if not impossible.

Who knows what the market might already have reached its fall on the ground and should soon resume their journey of height. One thing to always keep in mind that you eat your cake and can not sustain work together. With savings and consumption - not with walking. You must plan today its the lifestyle you want after retirement. Certain portion of their income by saving it as you should invest in equity.

Equity or share risk even looked, but it climbs - keep falling slope and the best time of uncertainty. My experience and research has proved that the stock market to earn money wisely and to choose the right time to capture far more concerned with market discipline and investment to increase the power of time. Indian markets for profit I am advising you that 10 points go on the market can be exploited. These rules are related to each other so no one but itself to accept all the rules will help.

First advice
Make future plans today. Start saving for it now. Regular and long-term investment so you can take advantage of the market boom and recession. To invest a large amount of deposit do not wait. Whether you are able to save even the smallest amount as possible, start early to invest with him. Investment will start as soon as the opportunity will only enhance your property. Time is very important factor in making the property  return on your investment both increase power and work together.

Second advice
To start work starts soon the power increase. Time is like magic that holds the power to make money in rupees. When the market is going round faster and we earn good advantage on your investment then most people fall into temptation. A glimpse of the greed derivatives and futures market can be seen. While the temptation is where the person meet them at random to invest has to incur huge financial loss.

Third Advice
Borrowing not to invest. To predict short-term trend is of course difficult if not impossible. Investment than the stock market to focus on. We all know that our economy is growing on the path of progress and the stock market economy largely depends on the move. In view of this by looking at the market should not purchase a particular stock.

Fourth Advice

Never in any particular stock or sector not too much shopping. This means that you share your risk in different market segment needs. Easy to guess a company's earnings in the short term but the same company's stock prices is difficult to quantify. Long-term stock prices depend on corporate earnings.

Fifth Advice
Refer to corporate earnings, stock prices are not. Stock prices give wrong signals about the company can. Equity to earn a good profit but not to see the stock move Profit and other decision based on facts should. We all want to sell those shares which they want to keep the profits and not much moved. The results of our portfolio companies share the living survivors who were not performing well. Everyone wants to profit in sales.

Sixth Advice
Retain the best and worst performing stocks shares extract. Keep constant watch on such shares which are not performing well and so his move is expected to be sluggish, out of the way Show them your portfolio. In the same way your stock portfolio meet the target of investment. We believe it is faster round the good times will not end soon and we still expensive level during the investment will also succeed in selling. But often this does not happen and the market seems to fall before making our move and where we are standing, remain the same.

Seventh advice

'A fool' to be avoided. You must understand the difference between price and value. Price, not looking at value to shop. While investing in stocks you should always act thoughtfully. Market speculation and do not rely much on the advice of brokers and friends. Own investigation of the gathering will be better for you.

Eighth advice
Shares to select Use a heart not mind. Large companies (large cap) in the long term have proven themselves and their balance sheet and cash flow is quite strong. These companies run their experience and ability of the manager hard and able to perform live in challenging times.

Ninth advice

Small and medium firms than large firms prefer to give. Investments in small and medium companies the right information and the ability to move should be. If it is not the investment of these larger losses than you can. Therefore not only sell a stock is going up and one day he will fall down. Newton's law of markets does not work. It is not necessary that the stock is climbing down the fall. If the company retains its earnings growth for a long time so it can stock up constantly.

Tenth advice

Market without a solid reason to be faster round the right reasons or they can go up constantly. So do not take any hasty decisions. It makes you vulnerable to unnecessary risk might.

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