Invest in Gold ETFs without Demat Account

invest in gold etf without demat account
An opportunity to invest in Gold ETFs without Demat Account

From last few years Gold is give better returns to investors consistently. Mutual fund companies are preparing to cash in on the spot. Between asset managers and brokers race to take gold savings schemes have been launched. In these schemes retail investors will be able to invest in Gold exchange traded funds (ETFs) through Systematic Investment plan (SIP) without Demat Account.

Like Reliance Mutual Fund and Kotak Asset Management Retail Broker - Destimanee Securities, G E P L Equities and Bonanza Portfolio are planning to launch Feeder Funds to invest in Gold Exchange traded funds. To attract investors towards Gold ETF scheme
UTI Mutual Fund, SBI Mutual and HDFC Mutual are also set to bring such a scheme. Large fund houses of such as Reliance, Kotak and HDFC each have been invested less 300 million in managed Gold ETFs.

Kotak Mutual Fund, Fixed Income and Head of Products Lakshmi Iyer said: more and more retail investors towards gold ETF fund to attract Gold Savings funds are launched.
For the investments Kotak mutual funds is an also encouraging Gold fund. Aiyar added, "India's population is just one per cent to the demat account. For the Exchange traded fund demat is compulsory. Retail investors will help Investing in gold ETFs without a demat account from the new scheme.

Also common Investors can invest small amounts in these savings fund. Reliance Mutual funds' Gold Savings funds investment minimum is Rs 100 per month. Investors can start from Rs. 1,000 per month through SIP in the scheme of Kotak Mutual Funds. Wealth tax does not arising from Gold exchange traded funds, feeder funds returns. But Physical Gold transaction comes under the purview of this tax. Moreover, Stock brokers also have started to launch Gold Fund of Funds to taking advantage of his license portfolio management scheme. Gold Reserve Fund has launched a structured Destimanee Securities. Its purpose is protected to the investors from the damage of Gold prices ups - and downs.

Destimanee Securities president Sudip Bandyopadhyay said: The fund structure is that, portfolio can be avoided the damage from the gold price ups - downs.

According to Bandyopadhyay, Months after the end of '60 we will try to give investors Maximum Value Protection Period highest asset value or Maturity date value of the portfolio - both of which are more.