Share Trading for Serviceman

Any salaried person active in the stock market is as difficult to trading.

India getting into the fast growth and investment tools to meet debt because of the low returns. Middle-class families to Share resources have emerged as major investment. However, problems come in two ways for salaried people to invest in the stock market. One of most salaried public office is the same time which stock market is in the business. Second, the employer's work rules and conditions that are often under which employees may not be trading in the market. Second, the employer's work rules and conditions that are often under which employees may not be trading in the market. In the many companies’ offices the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE), such sites can not be opened. Also, some companies employees during working hours trading does not have to.

Access to trading

Under the IT security policy employer would block some websites; such employee can find stock quotes through GPRS in the mobile. Stock market provides mobile applications that stock quotes information which easily can be taken. Now the brokers also have the option launch to purchase share on mobile. People who want long term investing in the market after business hours they can put the money in the share market. They have put their orders at a fixed price and that price of stock traded during the purchase or sales orders are coming. People also can shop by calling your broker.

Insider Trading

Technical barrier produces difficulty in trading for salaried, while another big problem comes from some employers, where companies put their employees to give strict rules on trading. Market is now sensitive way, it staff terms and conditions of insider trading is to know about the depth. Shares of your company or companies with whom the company concerned, aware the terms of insider trading is a must while their shares traded. Direction of insider trading - instructions apply to persons who are either in the company or in it has worked contain sometimes and that company's share price ups - and downs their access to information is a worth cause. If you fall into such a category, you need to be cautious about it.

Before investing employer to read and follow the rules well is a necessity. Their laws to break or ignore these can cause problems. All large companies give employees information about insider trading. Some units of its code of conduct and procedures tend to put on the company website. Your company's shares traded before you will get it approved from the company.

Corporate policy

Companies make rules to trading in shares for its employees. Where stop derivatives trading, where employees must follow the rules of your company. Some companies have made the law of the minimum holding period, say 30 days or 90 days. The way you are bound by any conditions you have to set the period you hold shares. Motilal Oswal financial Services Head, Human Resources, according to Sudhir Dhar, Most of the companies are watching inside the company through intranet in investment of workers in shares."

Even if you are not insider, but you signed the declaration would agree to these terms.