Tremendous profits from stock market in this year

If you want to get off the stock market this year will bring you good news. Hopefully this year will run across the Bombay stock market index of 23,000 and many will share their investors Maalamal. Stock market currently is very strong position in the economy rapidly estimates. Hopefully it at a rate of 9 percent over the stock markets will raise and its strength. If the economy grows by the rate of corporate profits will be less than 20 percent. Indian economy firmly pulls away foreign investors and

large-scale foreign funds will come here. The stock market will be up. ICICI Securities is the idea that will run across 23,000 in 2011. Earnings will increase this year in shares of the target index would be 23 165. It would be a natural C. This year, foreign investors (FIIs) who have invested Rs 133 266 crore and this year the pace is likely to be made. Foreign investors are affected by the strength of the Indian economy and even better than expected returns. Being considered in another part of the FII-year emphasis will. Mid-cap stocks this year will come even faster in the second half of 2010 was the mid-cap stocks declined. These investment opportunities are better and their prices are at the right level. So investors should invest both in the mixed. Better way of putting money in the stock market this year, it will be divided into different sectors to give their input. The risk of loss remains.