Stock Market For Beginners - How can Beginners Start Investing in Share Market

Question About Stock Market For Beginners is common- How can Beginners Start Investing in Share Market? 

When the 10-year-olds peaked the shares and compared to them, the chartered accountants also peaked the shares. So 10-year-olds peaked more better stocks and earned more money. How did these 10-year-olds know further. I will give tips of Stock Market For Beginners.

It is said that if the base is good then the building becomes good. So today I will strengthen your stock market base so that you can earn so much money that you have a lot of your own building.

Beginners are scared to hear the name of the stock market. Everything seen from the stock market is ruined in the movies. The friend who claims that he is making a lot of money. Even then you have family members who speak, stay away from it. Even if you have studied commerce in school and college, the stock market has not been properly explained. In such a situation there is no confusion, it is very necessary to have nervousness. But today after reading the article carefully, all your confusions will go away and you will know how and where to invest. How can Beginners Start Investing in Share Market ?

First of all, wake up your interest by knowing a fact. If you had invested Rs 10000 in Wipro's stock 40 years ago, today it would have been Rs 700 crore after 40 years. I know, the question will come to your mind, who had Rs 10000 then. Had he invested 1000, he would have been 70 crores today. Had he invested only 100 rupees, he would have been 9 crores today. So this is the potential of the stock market.

Now do not think from this example that I want you to enter this market at all costs. The way there is profit in the market, there is also loss. Many other stocks in which you would have invested Rs. 70 crores would have been Rs.10,000 today. So as much benefit as this market can provide, it can also do much harm. But your loss should be least, profit should be maximum, that is why I have brought this article for you.

So first let me tell you, which are the questions that occur to common beginners, maybe you will too. And you will find answers to those questions in this article. So first all the questions are known.
  • The first topic we will discuss is, Is The Stock Market Risky? If So, How Much Risky Is It? How Can Beginners Start Investing In Share Market ?
  • Second, we will know how much return you can get from this? Should you expect this from the market?
  • Third topic, we will know, how much money do you need to start in this market? Because you are beginner, maybe you are a student. Because you can start with your pocket money too.
  • Fourth process, is it easy to invest? What is Demat and Trading Account? How to start basically?
  • Fifth, we will know why the name of the market is so bad? Family members, in movies, why do people scare it? What is the reason? Is really dangerous, Stock Market for beginners? Should you stay away
  • We will know sixth and this is a very common question that, apart from commerce, if you are from engineering or art background, can you invest in this market?
  • Seven, how does this market work? Why are shares up or down? At which bases do you want to select the shares?
  • Some other questions most of the people also ask.  How do I start investing in stocks for beginners? Can I invest 100 RS in share market? How many stocks should a beginner start with?

And or we will know that if you want in-depth knowledge, what book is it? Which courses are those? How to make a career? Or what blog or magazine should you read? How do you complete your learning? They will talk about the topic.
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First question -


Now I ask you this as a basic example. Basically when you are buying a share, you are buying a small right stake in that company. That is why his name is Share. That you have become the co-owner of that company. So tell me, if you invest money in a friend's business, you invest money in a relative's business, and if that business does not do well then your money will sink, this is a risk.

In the same way, you are investing in big companies in the stock market as well. Just like Tata's company, Reliance's company, Godrej's company, now if that company goes down, then your money will also be drowned. If these companies showed very good growth, then your money will also grow very well. It is just like you investing money in a friend's business. On the belief that if the business increases, then I will get a share of the profits, if there is a loss, I will bear the loss.

You will not get interest. There is no interest in the stock market either. Because they take a loan. So there are a lot of companies in the stock market that keep on sinking. There is absolutely loss in it. But look at the Eicher Motor, in the last 6-7 years they increased it several times with bullet bikes. And that's why the shares also grew manifold. That is, 1 rupee has increased by 10 times 20 times. I have given you an example of Wipro. TVS is an example that has grown 10 times in the last 10 years. MRF is such an example, there are many such shares which have given you 10 times returns in 5–4 years. So definitely stock market for beginners is risky. But that's why the returns are also haigh.

Now comes another question


So again the example is the same, if you invest money in a friend's business, then what do you know if you put Rs. 100, then next year you should get 10% profit, 20% profit, 30% profit. It differs a lot, it cannot have a fix criterion. That is why there are many stocks in this market, which do not rise by 1 rupee for many years, they fall upside down. There are many stocks that grow 4–5 times in 1 year. But it is a matter of one share, and when you invest, you will invest only in 1 or 2 shares and not in 8 or 10 companies. Because even if 1 or 2 company goes bad, even if it sinks, do not lose all your money.

That is why in the stock market, we invest at least eight to ten companies. When there is a basket of stocks, you can expect that you have invested in the manner. So the return of 18 to 20 percent in a long run economy in a high growth economy like India. That is, if you are interested for at least 5 years and if you are picking good stocks, then you can get returns of around 18 to 20 percent. That is, the rate of FD that is going on today is more than three times, almost double than gold or real estate. This information is useful in stock market for beginners.

In fact, there are many successful investors in the world who are growing slowly in the low growth economy even from India where the market and companies were growing slowly. He also picked stocks that gave him returns of around 30% for many years. So if you are expecting 20% ​​return in India, then it is not wrong, but for that, stock testing should be good. Find such stocks that can really grow and can also give your money growth.


How much capital you are investing in a stock market is more important than how you are investing in stocks, which gives a very consistent return. In the example I give you that if you start with only 1000 rupees every month, which I think many people from us can afford at the beginning. So we have to invest 1000 rupees in a month and increase this 1000 rupees by 15% every year. That is, in the first year you should invest 1000 rupees every month, from the next year you should invest 1150 rupees every month. And every year, as your income increases, out of the student life, become an earning member or if you are promoted, then your salary increases, then every year, you should increase your investment by 15%.

Every year by 15% increment, you get only 15% return on your investment, not even 18 or 20. Even after 25 years, starting with a thousand rupees, you will have one crore rupees. You have to keep investing for 25 years. Second, you have to increase the 15% amount. Third, you should get a 15% return. These three things happened, after 25 years, starting from 1000, you will have one crore rupees.

Fourth question


The process is very simple. All you need is three documents. Must be an Aadhaar card. Must have a PAN card and a bank account. If not, then make it. After that, nowadays the whole process goes online, there are many online discount brokers. Discount broker because this brokerage takes about 0%. So you have nothing to do, there are a lot of online discount brokers like Jirodha. In three to four days your account will be opened online without any physical paper work.

You can start trading. An account is opened for Rs 300 and charges no brokerage or commission, if you are investing. That is, if you are keeping it by buying shares. If you are selling for two or three days or thereafter, you do not have to pay almost any commission. It is almost free. There are some government taxes which will not even be known as they are less than 0.1%. You may also invest 100 rs in share market, which share price is below of rs 100. You may purchase that shares.

Fifth question:


Let me tell you a simple region, this is the problem of mind set. When we buy a property, nobody thinks that the price will double in 4 months. After 4 months, I will sell and leave. If someone takes gold, then turn on the forefathers, but do not sell gold. No one thinks that I will take it today and will send it after a month when the price of gold will increase. So we give the property time to grow, gold gives time to grow.

But you too will tell your friends that come in the stock market, they will definitely say this thing together, in this I earned Rs. 40,000 in 1 day, my money doubled in 2 months. That is, their expectations remain wrong. They come thinking that, I have to become rich overnight. Overnight the rich lottery can be made, or by playing gambling somewhere, if you have good luck.

You will play the stock market like gambling, if you did not know about the company, who is the owner, who is the manager of the company, what is the business model of the company, or not. But just look at a chart or listen to someone and take stock. In such a situation there will be loss. So in the same way, people take a penny stock of one rupee or 2 rupees to make quick money. The company, which has no back and forth, thinking that if the money of this company becomes one rupee to two rupees, then my money will double. But this one never has two, because that company is not worth it.

So it is most important that when we are coming in the market, do not think at all that you should make this market rich overnight. You should expect only 18 to 20 percent returns from this market. Bonus if you get more than that. If you get more than 18 to 20 percent, then your money will double in 4 years. If we compare the bank's FD, then the money in the bank FD now doubles in 11 to 12 years, according to today's interest rate. So 3 times better returns than this market is giving you, do not be lured more than this.

Sixth Question


Good news that you can. Which is your field, which is your education background, it does not matter much. Infact let me give you an example, once a survey was conducted in the US. Children in the fifth grade of 10 years were asked to make a basket of 8 to 10 shares. At the same time, the Chartered Accountant was also spoken at the same time. You can also make a basket of 8 to 10 shares. Where are the people studying in Chartered Accountant Finance and where 10 year old children. But after 5 years, it was seen that whose shares have given higher returns, the children's shares dismissed the chartered accountant. So what did children study in engineering and commerce? No, he had only studied Hindi, English and Science, which is taught in school, you have also studied that much. So you too are ready to compete with the Chartered Accountant, to do so now.


Companies like Cadbury, Disney, Barbie. Which gives him interest and he is the customer of those products. So who would know a product better than the customer? Because the products of those company are used by the children themselves. They picked the same companies that were satisfying their customers. That company had to do well, this is mostly the chance. That is why those children outperformed. The same chartered accountants read a long balance sheet, do not know what financial calculations were done, but could not give ground reality.

For example, in general, female doctors are the best investors. Why, he is a doctor, he does not have knowledge of finances. But that is because he is very busy in his life. Walking on professional life, personal life, work even after coming home, and more such crunching work. They do not have time to do a lot of complex financial analysis. Due to lack of time, she analyzes from General Knowledge, which product I like, and forgets by investing.

Invested anything and did not check for five or ten years. Due to which the transaction cost is reduced and the compounding shows its full effect. So even if you do not know commerce, there is no problem, welcome to the stock market.

Now the most interesting two topics of this article is first, why is the share price up or down daily? And how to predict when the price will rise and when will it fall? And why are companies listed on the stock market?

So, let see the next question


So see, you have to start a business, and if you want a little money, then the householders will give, give the relative, will give the friends. If you want a little more money, the bank will give it. But you want 20 thousand crores, now neither will the bank give it, nor will it give your friend or relative. So who will pay you so much money in such a situation? The public will give you this money, the public. That is, explain your business model to you, I have this plan, I am going to do this, I am going to build this factory, I am going to build a car, luxury car, electric powered, water driven. But I need money, now people who trust you will give you money, in return you give them a stake in your company. Because they have invested money, you will give them a stake in your company. Share will be called share. You took the money and gave shares to the people who gave the money. Now it happened that the company took money from you and gave shares to you.

Now it can happen that, you got this share today and after 2 days you need money. So now you have to sell that share. The company will not buy back shares from you. Because he needed money. Taking that money, he started setting up a car factory, so he has no money to give it to you. In such a situation, there should be a market where you can give the share of that company to someone else. And this is the market we call the stock market. These are basics of Stock Market For Beginners

Where you can take shares of more than four thousand companies whenever and whenever you want. If you think that Colgate is going to do well, its 10 toothpastes are selling more today, then you can take its shares from someone else through the stock market. And if anyone feels that Colgate is going to do bad and Patanjali is giving more competition then he can sell the shares.

Because every day millions of people in the stock market, sell some shares and buy some shares. That is why you always get some buyer or seller. And this is important for the stock market. Think, if you want to become a partner in Ratan Tata's business, by searching in one click, you can buy shares of Godrej Empire of Adi Godrej, if you want to become a shareholder of Jio by buying shares in one click. If you want to buy a single share, then you become a shareholder of Jio for Rs. 1500 only. You can proudly say that Jio is mine.

Is it completely cleared, or is there a little doubt. There may be a lot of doubt, or maybe you want to learn a lot. So there is nothing to worry, you have been taught step by step through the link given below. Seeing how the prizes are up and down, whether you have to invest in shares, how to consult someone, do not invest in a fraud company. There are many things that you need to make a good investor, I have presented it to you. I hope you have answered these questions i.e. How can Beginners Start Investing in Share Market and Stock Market For Beginners. so you will read it leisurely.